Courses at CAA

CAA offers a full program of English for children, youth and adults, including preparation for various types of examinations, including those of the University of Cambridge, from level YLE to CPE. In addition, we offer preparation for the GRE, the TOEFL and the IELTS.
We accept students both during the school year as well as during the school holidays. Our teaching methodology is primarily based on being as communicative as possible by providing, from the first contact with the English language, a pleasant, stimulating and fun-filled atmosphere for students to develop their learning.
CAA offers the following courses in preparation for exams at the University of Cambridge : YLE–A1 (CEFR), KET–A2 (CDFR), PET–B1 (CEFR), FCE–B2 (CEFR), CAE–C1 (CEFR), CPE–C2 (CEFR) and IELTS.

For those students who like challenges and want to improve their English, CAA offers courses during the school holidays. These intensive courses are taught by a highly qualified team of teachers, so as to provide the best learning opportunities to our students so that they can achieve academic, social, and professional success. We offer Exam Preparation Courses, General English Courses, and Courses to help with academic studies. Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to improve your English.

During the period of school holidays, namely the Easter and Summer breaks, we offer the opportunity to study abroad, usually in the United Kingdom, These courses are intensive and usually last two weeks, taking place in private schools, with weekends and evenings set aside for recreational activities and study visits. Excursions are made to different areas of London as well as Cambridge, Norwich, Stonehenge, and Oxford, depending on the year.