I studied at CAA in Chaves for about ten years. Learning English at CAA was a great way to learn a new language and complement our studies in regular school but most of all it was an incredible way to learn how to use the theory in a practical way and to apply all the knowledge we acquired to real life situations.


Paula Castelo (CAA 2000-2008)

I started my English studies at the CAA when I was 10 years old. At that time I couldn’t imagine how important those 8 years of studies would be later in my life.

The teaching methods were very engaging and creative. We were able to learn the language and the world, to have fun and to make friends. It was not only about grammar and vocabulary, but also about culture, politics, arts, and a wide range of topics. Those made us better English speakers and also more educated people across subjects.

And still nowadays I can recognize their importance for me and their impact in my life. My university is one of the top management schools in Portugal, and has a very international outlook. All my classes were fully taught in English, as well as reading material and tests. I was able to study abroad, to make friends from all over the world and to cut one of the first barriers between cultures – the language. We don’t know this when we are 10 years old, but the truth is that if we aim at reaching the top we have to start well from the bottom.



Hello, my name is Francisca Carvalho and I’m 19 years-old. I studied at CAA for 8 years and I believe it was a great investment in my education. Learning a different language is really important and the best place to do it is at CAA. It is completely different from school.

It’s a very productive extracurricular activity where we can learn in many situations. It is much more dynamic and useful than English classes at school. There are a lot of activities that catch our attention and makes us learn faster than normal classes. Teachers have a high level of experience, they demand a lot from us and do everything they can for us to improve. They want us to be successful. That is why they require a lot. In the end we see how helpful they were by introducing us to another world.

Nowadays English is indispensable and I think everyone should learn it. Everything I have been taught at CAA will be essential in my future career. I am very grateful to people who cared about me at CAA. They are fantastic. I strongly advise young people to go to CAA to learn English the best way possible.



I’m Charles and I’m 19. I studied at CAA for 9 years, and I now am thankful everyday for having done that. Studying in such school, with such good teachers is definitely a capital gain. CAA is not like public school, where you merely listen and copy. Here you learn much more, much more easily, because these highly skilled teachers know how to get your attention and know that being ordinary is not standard.
For instance, in my case, I started studying English for the first time here when I was in 4th grade and didn’t stop until 12th grade, when I left for university to study Law in Coimbra. During that time in CAA I made a lot of friends and made contacts for life. I used to come to CAA with school friends, and we would very often say how good it was going to be for our future, especially if you enrolled in Cambridge ESOL examinations.

Having done PET, FCE and CAE, and seeing them recognized by organizations all around the world just makes me realize how lucky I was for coming to CAA.



Hi. My name is Patrícia Costa and I studied at CAA from 2000 to 2010. I remember those years with a lot of affection. The teachers in CAA are fantastic and have a very interesting and captivating way of teaching. CAA provided me experiences that I will never forget, such as the summer trips to England, the fun moments in classes, for example, the games that we played and the Halloween parties. Everything that I know about English I learned at CAA. It has been very useful in many situations of my daily life. Also during the vacations in foreign countries, and more important in college, where most of the books are in English and we have to present papers orally and in written English.
I definitely miss studying at CAA!
Thank you very much Tulia, Zayra and Ray.


Tiago Barreira

When I was young I had the pleasure of joining a magnificent team that taught me a fun and relaxed way of learning English—the team at CAA English in Chaves. All the teachers were always there for us and helped with professionalism and wisdom.

The skills we learned prepared us for the more demanding tasks we were presented with in real life as we grew up.

Therefore let me congratulate CAA on its 20th anniversary (1993-2013) and I hope you can keep bringing to our community your excellence in teaching.


Carolina Rodrigues

My name is Carolina and I studied for 6 years in CAA and have done 3 Cambridge exams through this institute. Looking back, besides the certificates that I obtained, what I value most now is the fact that we learned not only the language, but also about a culture that fascinates me. I travelled to England twice with CAA and participated in themed parties that introduced us to American and British traditions.
At CAA we learned how to speak in normal day situations and how to interpret all sorts of texts. And now in college that is what is most important, which we could not obtain in school due to the program and to classes with 30 students. I recommend this institute to all who want to take the studying of English to another level.
Thank you Zayra, Ray and Tulia.


Ana Calejo

I’ve been a CAA student for 10 years. I started when I was 8 and I’m almost 18 now. Let me tell you: it was incredible. Unfortunately, time flies, and I have to say “goodbye” to this family that have helped me a lot during these 10 years. My passion for English increased thanks to CAA and all the teachers who work there.

There were a lot of learning, a lot of parties, a lot of grades, a lot of educational games, a lot of laughs and tears whenever a year ended. I have no words to explain how grateful I am for having attending such a school.
I want to thank all of you, but specially I want to thank those who were my teachers: Thanks Florence, Zayra and Tulia. It has been a pleasure having such great teachers like you. I can say that thanks to you, I’m a better English student. Whatever you did, besides all the classes, it worked.

For those who are still attending CAA: enjoy your time while you are part of this family.

Time flies for sure, but good moments remain with us forever.


Tiago Fernandes

Without CAA and the CAE/C1 CERTIFICATE I would not be here at DELFT University of Technology today!

Besides that, I have also been accepted to do research work for my Master’s Thesis in the Silicon Valley in California, USA in 2016. A dream come true for me!

Thank you, CAA.


Sara Martins

Without CAA and my B2 certificate I wouldn’t have been  able to be here in Croatia today, enjoying everything as much as I’m enjoying today.

It’s really important to have an international experience in order to improve your English by interacting with other people. I have also learned that you may think you are not ready to have an international experience, but once you get there, you realize that you can do it and that you get better ever single day. That’s a good feeling.